HOW – Indigenous Solutions are proud to offer the HOW – NanoPod….
At just under 15sqm and less than $65,000, the purpose of the NanoPod is so that benevolent private land holders can provide a garden studio as a safe, comfortable & secure housing solution for those in need. 

The Pods can be manufactured and shipped individually or en-masse in about 12 weeks and constructed in less than a day.  They are also conveniently and easily relocatable.

External view


To improve living affordability, the Pods have been designed to be energy efficient, with significantly reduced energy consumption. The Pod’s high thermal performance allows them to be heated and cooled efficiently without allowing energy to be lost through poor performing structural elements. We are also utilising enhanced sealing and insulation methods and doubling glazing.

Internal views of Living Area & Bathroom

For more information, please call our office on (02)8004 2222, or Paul Newman on 0418 440 210 or email